Building Jobs4Colorado Coalition

Building Jobs4Colorado coalition is broad coalition of construction design professionals, general contractors, sub-contractors, sub-sub-contractors and owner organizations across Colorado.  BJ4C members represent over 4,500 companies, including over 1,500 sub-contractors representing tens of thousands of Colorado citizens.  BJ4C represents more than 90% of the Colorado construction industry. 

Building Jobs4Colorado was founded in late 2008 in an effort to build a coalition around payment reform and construction industry issues.  BJ4C is committed to working with industry stakeholders to preserve and build construction and design jobs in Colorado. 

BJ4C has continued to develop to enhance awareness of the construction and design communities by: collaborating and taking positions on legislative issues and executing strategies, collaborating on candidate interviews, hosting an annual legislative reception, outreach and communications with the interested parties, stakeholders and partners.   

BJ4C Initiatives:

  • Legislative Payment Reform
  • Collaboration on Legislation and Lobbying Efforts
  • Annual Construction Industry Legislative Reception
  • Denver City & County – established quarterly meetings with Denver to enhance communication regarding public works, projects, payment issues, electronic billing, sales & use tax issues, best practices, etc.
  • Coordinated Candidate Interviews 
  • Candidate Reception for Candidates with Multiple Endorsements
  • Outreach to Public and Private entities to improve payment practices and increase construction job growth in Colorado

BJ4C Policy Successes:

  • 2009 Denver Prevailing Wage Ordinance Change allowing partial payments to speed up payment process.
  • 2010, SB10-116 Change Orders requiring public entities to reimburse contractors for their actual costs for all additional directed work performed until a final change order is negotiated and signed.
  • 2011, HB11-1115 Retainage changing previous law allowing public entities to withhold 10% retainage until 50% project completion to 5% retainage withholding over the entire project and required public entities to release retainage within 60 days of final completion. 
  • 2012, Successful Defeat of Legislation that would have had a negative impact on the construction industry.
  • 2012, Provided collaborative process for involvement on Denver pre-qualification certification process and DIA administrative review process.